Founded in 2000, Remote Area Dive (RAD) is a family owned and operated business that has evolved from a part time passion to become  one of the most successful dive businesses in Townsville.

It all began when owner Craig Randall , working as a nurse on Palm Island, dived the Palm Island Group for several years and got to know the area quite well. It's here that he identified a niche market that combines diving trips with another favourite Australian past time: camping.

This developed into RAD's signature package, a small personalised dive and camping safari to the remote and beautiful Pelorus and Orpheus Islands.

From the beginning, training was done with small class sizes catering for all levels of divers. The benefits of this specialised and personalised dive instruction were quickly realised and are an intrinsic part of the philosophy adhered to at RAD today. We realise that everyone leads a busy life, our dive courses are structured so all training is done after hours, making it that much easier for everyone to dive!

Get in touch to find out how you could be enjoying an authentic aussie campfire meal and sleeping under the stars in the comfort of a bushman's deluxe swag. All this after a day spent diving one of the most glorious and unspoiled spots in the world.


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