Craig - Managing Director & PADI Course Director

Craig walked past a dive shop as a kid and dreamed of becoming a Dive instructor. 20 years later and he's living the dream! From the first breath underwater there was no turning back. Learning to dive in Honduras, he progressed up the diving ladder to PADI Course Director and made diving his life. 

His passions include rust chasing (wreck diving) and travelling to far flung destinations in the world to dive them.


Tanya - General Manager & PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainier

Tanya - sitting on the roof of the RAD dive boat "Coral Gypsy," during her Rescue course, watching the sun go down Tanya came to the releasiation that this was the life for her. She threw caution to the wind, quit her job and decided to become a Dive Instructor. Dedication and commitment to her goal soon paid off and she has progressed quickly through the ranks of diving, Tanya is now one of RAD's senior Instructors.

She  to loves to teach kids and enjoys her dive travel.  Recent trips include a family outing to Borneo, Fiji, Palau and Vanuatu


Rebecca - Casual Instructor

Bec came out with RAD to try diving with a friend and did a Discover Scuba Dive, as a result, she was bitten by the dive bug big time. Moving up through the ranks Bec is own very own home grown Dive Instructor. Bec enjoys family, everything orange, coffee and chasing nudibranchs.

 When she's not diving you'll find her spending time with her lovely family and the latest addition; Piper. 


Jason - Casual Instructor

Jason came to RAD from across the water from Far Eastern Australia, or NZ as they like to call it. He enjoys everything NZ and the layback lifestyle of Diving.

We tried to take a photo of him but he keeps breaking the camera.




Erin - Head Shop ...........

Erin is a born and bred RAD student who has climbed the ranks to her current position as Marketing extraordinaire/ Divemaster and our very own social media butterfly!  

You can catch Erin at the front desk either tapping away (on Facebook or Twitter) or chatting on the phone, and occasionally she does actually do some work...... he he.