H2Odyssey Torid Pulse

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The H2Odyssey TORID Pulse is a unique signaling device or just plain fun You decide! Get your buddy's attention in limited visibility, at the surface, blast water 15' (4.6 meters) into the air to get the dive boat's attention, signal someone below you while you are on the surface are just a few-safety-uses for the H2Odyssey TORID Pulse Bubble Ring Gun. When used for fun, play "capture the flag" and many other "paintball" style games. Whatever you use it for this is one cool underwater/surface tool/toy.

The TORID Pulse produces perfect bubble rings every time you pull the trigger. Adjust the air rings while shooting, from fine and fast to large and slow. The TORID Pulse is a patented signal device that can send a bubble air ring up to 35' (10.7 meters) not just ascending to the surface (like those who know how to make bubble rings with their mouth), but horizontally through the water! Need to get your buddies attention, just tag them with an air bubble ring. The TORID Pulse is depth rated to 60' (18.3 meters) TORID Pulse even banks" bubble rings off the surface!

Made from durable corrosion resistant materials with a chromed cast aluminum body and nylon the TORID Pulse comes complete with a 3/8" threaded 40" (101.6 cm) blue rhino low-pressure hose to attach to a low-pressure port of your first stage regulator. It also comes with a quick-disconnect fitting that can be attached to the second stage end of a standard low-pressure regulator hose. The TORID Pulse can be easily disassembled for servicing and maintenance and comes with an owner's guide.