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Ocean Pro Deco Buoy with Pouch

The Ocean Pro Deco Buoy with Pouch is typically used to maintain a set depth during decompression or safety stops. This Ocean Pro Deco Buoy with Pouch is designed to be inflated by purging your regulator under the opening. Air is trapped by the unique one way duck bill valve, and an over pressure valve takes care of expanding air during ascent.

  • Unique one way Duck Bill valve
  • Over Pressure Relief valve
  • High Visibility Dual Orange and Yellow colouring for maximum visibility on the water and from the air
  • Lead weighted opening
  • Includes velcro closure seal pouch and BC clip
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 122cm

A surface marker buoy DSMB), decompression buoy or deco buoy is similar to a surface marker buoy but is deployed whilst the diver is submerged and generally only towards the end of the dive. The buoy marks the diver’s position underwater so the boat safety cover can locate the diver even though the diver may have drifted some distance from the dive site while doing decompression stops. A reel and line connect the buoy on the surface to the diver beneath the surface. Alternative means of marking one’s position while doing decompression stops are diving shots and decompression trapeze.

A decompression buoy is not intended to be used to lift heavy weights: in this case divers use a lifting bag.