Hollis Katana 2

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“Depending on location, everyone’s a little bit different about how they like to set their harness up. But at the end of the day, the coolest thing about the Katana 2 is that you can run it however you want. Technical divers love to modify and tweak … depending on how they’ve been diving in the past, or how they were taught or how they teach their students … The key benefit of the Katana 2 is that those people can make all of the adjustments and decisions for themselves.” 

-Hollis Brand Manager Nick Hollis


“QFS” Quick Fit System offers fine-tuning of the torso height between small and large divers for a true one size fits all design allows for an “H” or “Y” style harness configuration, depending on user preference

Lift capacity is 40lbs with innovative wing design to keep diver profile even lower than the competition and without the “turtle shell effect” which causes drag

Standard weight capacity 20lbs, to offset added buoyancy in cold water with drysuits and thick undergarments

We have one in our hire fleet! Come take it for a dive.