Hollis LX Series Wing

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Hollis Gear proudly presents the LX Wngs, developed and tested by technical divers, and 3 years in the making. Quality and performance are the two most integral features of this product, which is why Holis Gear reintroduced the proven S Series and C Series Wings with key-improvements.


Every wing in the LX Series includes a 360-degree internal retraction system that matches the design of the wing, allowing for a streamlined rig at all times. The exterior bladder is constructed of 1680D Codura, the internal bladder of 420 nylon, which means these wings are tough. We're so confident in the LX Series, every new LX wing includes alifetime warranty.


1680D Cordura Exterior Bladder

420-Nylon Internal Bladder

360 degree internal Retraction System for a streamlined rig at all times

New Oval Corrugated Hose Power Inflator Machanism

Redesigned overpressure relief valve (OPV)

Corrosion-resistant stainless steeldrain grommets

Welded Flange & One-Piece Retainer: Servicing w/o need-for-tools

Centrally-Located Inflator Mechanism Elbow: Avoids tank valve/regulator interference

Single Wing: Lower Left Pull Dump/Overpressure Relief Valve

Dual Wing: Lower Left and Lower Right Pull Dump/Overpressure Relief Valve

Hollis Power Inflator System: Durable impact resistant plastic with a corrugated rubber hose

Internal Components and Inlet Quick-Disconnect Nipple: Corrosion-resistant chrome plated brass

Cam Band Slots for cylinder mounting

Limited Lifetime Warranty