Master Diver Program

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Looking at gaining as much diving experience and qualifications as possible? Do you have a specific goal such as preparing for a professional, technical diving or cave diving course? 

Then the Master diver program is for you!

The master diver program is a program where you will complete 6 specialities for one amazing price, and at the end of this, you will meet all of the certification prerequisites for any of the above diving career paths!

We offer the following six specialities:

1. Perfect Buoyancy

2. Deep Diver

3. Nitrox Diver

4. emergency Oxygen provider

5. Rescue diver

6. Elective - you choose:

    Underwater Navigation OR Diver Propulsion Vehicle OR Full Face Mask Diver



- Must be certified Open Water

- Must complete a diving medical questionnaire

- Minimum 10 dives to start and 30 to complete.



- 6 speciality courses

- All theory materials and theory sessions

- DPV Hire if doing the DPV course.

- All dive site access fees.

- All certifications as you do them and certification as a Master diver on completion.



- Equipment hire other than that stated.

- One on one courses. All speciality courses must have at least two students to proceed.


If you did all the courses individually it could cost you up to $2994, so this is a significant saving!