Hollis PRISM 2-CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Diver

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The highest level of Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) training that TDI offers, the Advanced Mixed Gas Course will teach you how to use the full capabilities of a CCR. With a maximum depth of 100 metres/330 feet, this course opens up a whole new realm of diving including new wrecks, caves and walls to explore in depths you previously could not reach on a rebreather. This intensive course conducted over seven dives will focus on all the elements needed to plan and execute dives to these depths.

Our instructor is an Advanced Mixed Gas CCR instructor with experience diving deeper than 130 meters. He is a passionate rebreather instructor with an emphasis on doing the small things well.



- You must be certified as PRISM2-CCRMixed Gas diver.

- You must have at least 100 hours on the unit logged with at least 10 deeper than 40m and 10 in the last 12 months.

- You must complete a diving medical questionnaire



- Two online theory courses via E-Learning

- A comprehensive dive planning theory session in class

- A comprehensive equipment configuration and dry drills session

- Minimum 6 dives with at least 2 deeper than 70m

- All dive site entry permits

- All Gases required for the course.

- Certification as a TDI PRISM-CCR Advanced Mixed Gas diver (on graduation)



- Any equipment hire. All equipment is available for hire.

- Sorb