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The Oceanic OCi is an advanced all-in-one dive computer featuring Oceanic's exclusive Dual Algorithm, optional wireless air-integration, digital compass, and so much more. All in a strong, lightweight housing.

Computer Type: Air Integrated Dive Computer (Optional Transmitter)

Modes: Norm, Tech, Gauge, Comp, Watch, Free Dive, Tech Free Dive

Multiple Transmitters (4)

Digital Compass

Nitrox Mixes 4 (21 – 100%)

Dual Algorithm™

Auto Altitude Adjustment

Ascent Rate Monitor

Safety Stop Adjustable with Timer

Deep Stop

On-Unit Log Capacity 24 Dives PC Interface Diverlog - MAC (mobile, cloud & comp), Oceanlog - PC (comp only)

Firmware Update


Diver Replaceable Batteries (CR2450)

Warranty 5 years

Satisfaction Guarantee 30-Day