EBS Fin Straps

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 Replacement pair of Cressi Elastic Bungee System (EBS) Straps for Cressi Reaction, Cressi Frog Plus and other Cressi fins with the Cressi proprietary fin strap attachment fittings. The new Cressi EBS strap was developed to meet the needs of the most demanding divers who need a comfortable and easily adjustable fin strap that allow for any type of diving, whether technical, professional, or recreational.

The Cressi EBS Fin Strap features an anti corrosive rubber coated bungee, and an extra large heel grab loop. This allows for donning and doffing even with thick diving gloves. The best feature of the Bungee design is that it will always stay conformed to your foot no matter your depth by counteracting the neoprene compression of your boots. The Cressi EBS strap is guaranteed to give you unparalleled comfort and forget-about-it adjusting.



Short Fit - 18 cm

Regular Fit - 21 cm

Extended Fit - 24 cm