Salvimar Turn 151 Fins

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Salvimar has designed their flagship plastic fin, a design that supports a diver's technique to get the most out of the blade. The key to this is the 151 fins' ability to efficiently convert kicking into propulsion thanks to the attention to detail in their setup. Ultimately, this means longer bottom times and more fish. 

The foot pockets have particular attention to detail, molded from two materials to give support and strength where they are needed most. They also come with textured soles to help you grip, and even feature Kevlar in the heels for added support. 

Meeting the foot pocket at an angle of 29-degrees, Salvimar's 151 blades are made from durable polypropylene in a shovel outline to maximise kicking efficiency. 

The Salvimar Turn 151 Fins feature:

  • Injection moulded pocket
  • Strong Materials - Durable Polypropylene created for maximum power, comfort and durability. Blades are fixed in a unique style to the blades to ensure efficiency in the water.
  • Kevlar arch support - in the footpockets for more strength and foot support
  • Grippy Textured Soles - Keeps you from slipping when you're rock hopping.
  • 29-degree blade angle - 151 + 29, makes sense... The blades meet the footpocket at a relatively extreme angle of 29 degrees to improve kicking efficiency.
  • Standard Hardness Blades
  • Interchangeable Blades - You can remove and replace your 151 fin blades or footpockets.
  • Low-Modular Polypropylene Rails - essentially giving the fin blades lateral "grip" to prevent skidding and unecessary loss of power.