100LX Octopus

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The 100LX Octopus regulator comes standard with a MiFlex hose and orthodontic mouthpiece with dual colour tabs. The LX Octopus also comes standard with Hollis' Lifetime Warranty, 2-Year Service Interval and Free Parts For Life.


Pneumatically balanced chromed-plated brass valve results in smooth, easy breathing

Reversible demand valve, can be converted from right-handed hose configuration to left-handed hose configuration

Adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch: Large Venturi lever has a soft rubber grip, which makes it easy to locate and use

Chrome Plated Brass Valve

Ergonomic exhaust channels bubbles away from field of view and reduces exhaust effort

Improved orthodontic mouthpiece with dust colour tabs

Plastic Cosmetic Ring

MiFlex braided hose

Lifetime Warrante

Free Parts For Life