Halcyon Sidemount Regulator Package

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The Halcyon Sidemount Regulator Package is the go-to regulator set for all Reef2Ridge staff diving side mount. Weh ave found this reg set to be the most compact, reliable and effective regulator setup for sidemount diving, cave diving or anything in between!


All hose lengths have been tuned by our staff to ensure it is optimal for being able to swing a cylinder forward to pass a restriction without disconnecting hoses like many other configurations. 

The package includes:

2x H50D first stages

2x Aura second stages

2x stage SPGs

2x 20cm high-pressure hoses

1x 102cm hose for necklace side

1x 210cm hose for long hose side

2x50cm inflator hoses

1x necklace

1x bolt snap

1x90 deg reg swivel

1x regulator bag