Osprey Second Stage

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The Oceanpro Osprey second stage regulator utilises a series of advanced design features that enhance the performance and versatility of the user experience, breaking new boundaries for the Oceanpro brand and setting this Regulator apart from any competitor in its price bracket.

Exclusive, unique, and proprietary to the Oceanpro brand, the Osprey is Australian by name and Australian by design. In a country where harsh environmental conditions and regular local diving is the norm, it was critical that we developed a feature-rich product, capable of performing dive after dive in any conditions.

Critical performance features such as the pneumatically balanced second stage with dynamic in-use adjustment coupled with an ortho positional mouthpiece, make breathing the regulator at depth as natural as breathing on land.

What makes the Osprey second stage so special? 

The Osprey is a Pneumatically Balanced second stage that reduces breathing resistance to near zero with a balanced valve seat, designed to respond to the slightest inhalation. A Pneumatically Balanced second stage actually has (or can have) the same initial crack opening effort as a mechanically balanced second stage, but the spring force of a pneumatically balanced second stage is much lighter so its spring rate is lower, making for a lifelike breathing experience in every inhalation.

  • The pneumatically balanced second stage enables the use of a lightweight spring, ensuring the easiest of breathing regulators.
  • Heat sink connection uses ambient water temperature to warm breathing air assisting in cold water environments.
  • Enviro Friendly non-plastic packaging
  • Comfortable mouthpiece and lightweight design alleviates jaw fatigue
  • Surge deflection front cover with high-grade chrome finishing ring.
  • Free Parts for Life