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The second step in your diving career is the Advanced Adventure diver program. 

You've completed your open water diver and are keen to grow your diving knowledge and experience, but not sure which course is next? Then this is the program for you!

The Advanced Adventure diver program is an experience-based course designed to allow you to gain knowledge and experience in diving different diving sites, conditions and configurations under the watchful eye of a very experienced instructor.

As part of this program, you complete 5 dives with two mandatory topics being Deep and Navigation. You then have three "elective" dives to complete in your areas of interest or to suit local conditions. Sometimes you can get bundled dives that are cheap or easy to run but offer little real progression for new divers just starting out.

Here at Reef2Ridge, we do things a little differently. We don't waste your time teaching you something you can learn online like fish identification or patronise you by spending an entire dive teaching you something you should have learnt on your open water such as computer diver. We focus on dives the teach you how to be safer such as nitrox diver, how to make you a better diver such as perfect buoyancy, learn a new skill such as wreck diver or learn how to impress at every BBQ with underwater hunter/gatherer.

This program is just a gateway into the many facets of recreational diving and will give you a good understanding of where you want your dive career to take you.



-Must be certified Open Water diver

- Must complete a medical questionnaire

- Must have completed at least one dive in the last 6 months (if not additional refresher dives are available)



- Theory materials including online E-Learning.

- Rental of hardware equipment only (Cylinders, BCD, Regs, Computer)

- All dive site entry permits and air fills.

- 5 dives that will be communicated/negotiated with you prior to the course.

- Underwater hunter is seasonally available.

- Certification as an SDI Advanced Adventure diver (once graduated) 

- A $50 instore credit to go towards your software.



- Software hire (boots, fins, wetsuit, gloves, mask or snorkel)