Bare Reactive Mens 5mm Wetsuit

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Bare's Reactive Titan Mens 5mm Wetsuit has integrated two of the brands best features into one wettie for the ultimate diving experience. Combining for the first time Bare's Ultrawarmth Omnired (TM) Infrared heat retention technology and No Stitch Technology (NST) the Reactive Titan 7mm wetsuit hits the mark when it comes to staying warm and comfortable.

Ultrawarmth Omnired (TM) technology uses 13 thermo-reactive minerals within layers of fabric lining to absorb body heat and then re-emit it as infrared radiation (essentially, heat is trapped in the suit). This process means that the diver is losing considerably less energy to heat loss and allows for improved blood circulation. Improved efficiency in this department means you're using less oxygen and are therefore more efficient in your net energy use, letting you dive longer and more comfortably.

No Stitch Technology (NST) has a few key benefits, the first of which is compounding this heat retention effect. Reduced permeability in the wetsuit material due to the lack of stitching reduces the potential for heat to escape. Secondly, fewer seams mean less abrasion against the skin so you'll feel more comfortable.

The suit comes with a variety of other convenient features. One of the more notable of which is the advanced durable zippers making donning and doffing of the Reactive Titan easy. The back zipper is extra long with water sealing properties and an easy pull string and grip tab. The ankles of the wettie have 11" zippers so you don't have to break a sweat getting the leg openings over your heels.

The entire wetsuit, including the protective Armor Flex 2.0 kneepads, has been anatomically constructed in 3D so the natural curvature of the material matches that of your body. This makes the Reactive Titan comfortable from the first time you throw it on.

NOTE: PLEASE ensure you have checked the size chart and measured yourself to ensure you have selected the correct size. 

Bare Reactive Titan Mens 5mm Wetsuit Features:

  • 5mm specially engineered fabric
  • Bare's Ultrawarmth Omnired (TM) Infrared
    • Stores thermal energy between layered fabric as infrared energy
    • Helps improve circulation for higher oxygen levels in the blood and more efficient energy use
  • No Stitch Technology (NST)
    • Not a single seam in the wetsuit design
    • Optimises heat retention
    • Prevents abrasion
  • Adjustable velcro collar with booklet style cover
  • S-Lock2 with offset tooth design back zipper entry, extra large for easy donning and doffing
    • PU coated zip tape for effective water sealing
    • Skin to skin double internal zipper flap
    • Zipper puller with silicon print for grip when wet
    • Grip tab at the base of the zipper
  • Heavy-duty 11" ankle zippers make donning a breeze
  • Knee pads constructed in 3D anatomical form from Armor Flex 2.0 for durability and flexibility
    • Protects against abrasive surfaces
  • Anatomical cut throughout the wetsuit for comfortable fitting from the first wear