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Never Miss a Dive. The B.U.D. is a long-overdue idea and a great 

way to ensure that you never have to miss a dive. Clip it off or

stow it in a pocket and forget about it. B.U.D. is a universal

backup dive computer that uses Dual Algorithm technology

allowing you to adjust your dive computer's settings to closely

match just about any other dive computer on the market making

it the perfect backup device. You should never have to use it,

but if you do need it, your B.U.D. will be there to save your next

dive. This new dive computer is a must for every diver to carry

because no matter what computers you are using, you will be

able to set your B.U.D. to closely match any computer's profile

using Oceanic's Patented Dual Algorithm.


Version Clip Computer

Colour Yellow

Type Universal Backup Dive


Maximum algorithm depth 100 m

Altitude adjustment 610 - 4200 m

Decompression capability Variable, 3,35 - 9 m/min, 6,4 -18m/min

Activation Water Activation and Push Button

Decompression display Yes, digital and graphical

Alarms Visual

Battery replacement User replaceable batteries

Battery life 300 h

Log entries Last Only

PC interface No

Nitrox Yes, up to 50%

Changeable gases No

Algorithm Dual Algorithm (PZ+ und DSAT)

Tissue compartments 12

Air integrated No

Console No

Software No

Batteries (Cr2430)

Warranty 5 years

Satisfaction Guarantee 30-Day