MARES Camo Rashguard

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The Mares Pure Instinct Lycra Rashguard with Chest pad is a great spearfishing rash guard that has a well-designed blue camo print on it allowing you to blend into the environment around you. This is a long sleeve rashie giving you excellent sun protection from those harsh UV rays. 

This rashie also features a loading pad on the front, this allows you to comfortably reload your speargun. This features makes this rashie perfect for all spearo's who are looking for the flexibility of a rashie but still have the same features as a spearfishing wetsuit jacket. 

Here at Remote Area Dive, we recommend combining this rashguard with the Mares Lycra Rashpants. With the matching camo, this set will make you blend in completely with the ocean environment around you!

We recommended using our Wetsuit Wash to keep your rashguard clean

Mares Pure Instinct Lycra Camo w/ Chest Pad Rashguard Features: 

  • Long sleeves - for good sun protection
  • Loading pad - makes reloading your speargun much easier!