Hollis DC7 First Stage

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The Hollis Gear DC7 Regulator incorporates a high-performance over-balanced diaphragm first stage that provides progressively greater intermediate pressure as depth and gas density increases for superior gas delivery under the most extreme conditions. This regulator system is designed to withstand the rigorous CE standard for cold-water performance. The balanced diaphragm, first stage regulator is inherently environmentally sealed. The benefit of this type of first stage design is that none of the delicate internal parts are exposed to contaminants such as salt, sand, chlorine or pool acids. These environmental contaminants can cause corrosion and mineral deposits to form on the internal mechanism deteriorating regulator performance. A diaphragm first stage regulator requires less maintenance then regulators that allow the contaminates to enter the internal mechanism.

In addition the DC7 First Stage Regulator has a secondary diaphragm to completely seal off the main spring cavity. A sealed balanced diaphragm design; isolate the main spring cavities internal components from the environment. It also means the DC7 is excellent for ice diving (it won't freeze up) or diving in waters filled with contaminants or sediment (it won't corrode). This DIN 300 bar (4350psi) first stage regulator is manufactured from marine grade brass with a black anodized finish and has 4-low-pressure (LP) 3/8" threaded fixed ports and 2-high-pressure (HP) 7/16" threaded ports. The fixed hose routing is ideal for both back mount and side-mount configuration. The regulator is Nitrox compatible to 40% out-of-the-box.