Hollis Deluxe Stage Kit

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The Hollis Deluxe Stage Bottle Kit in size Large is designed to fit either Aluminium 80 cft's or Steel 12 Ltr cylinders. The Hollis Stage Bottle Kit has been put together to include all of the required hardware that you will need to securely rig your stage or deco bottles for technical diving.


The primary cylinder clamp has been manufactured from stainless steel for maximum life and it includes a Nylon cover to prevent cylinder abrasion. Also included are 2 x HD EPDM hose retainers, 2 x 3.5" stainless steel bolt snaps, a braided Nylon line kit which allows the deco bottle to be cut away in emergencies as well as a rubber cover for the Nylon line to provide you with easier carrying of your stage bottles to and from the dive site.


The Hollis Deluxe Stage Kit comes pre assembled and ready to be fitted to your cylinder. This is a genuine Hollis accessory.