Faber Cylinders - Twin Set 232 Bar

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One of the most popular setups for tech diving, the manifolded Faber twin cylinders with a standard 232 Bar DIN/Yoke Manifold! Extend your bottom time and increase your safety by using a twin tank set!

The twin cylinders come supplied with Sanosub bands (+ bolts) and a Sanosub manifold (a LHS valve, a RHS valve and an isolation bar) as well as 2 standard rubber boots, which can easily be removed if required.

The standard valves come with a removable insert so they can be used for both DIN and Yoke setups (most tech divers use DIN regulators for added safety). We can also supply the cylinders with HP DIN valves if required, which have a deeper thread.

If you're thinking of splitting the tanks at a later stage, add two blanking plugs to order. Simply empty the tanks, take the bands off and the isolation bar out and screw in the two blanking plugs to turn your twin tanks into two single tanks (with opposite valves, so excellent for sidemount!).

Please note if cylinders are shipped, the tanks will come separate with isolation bar and bands included, but not installed.