Gear Aid Anti-Fog Spray

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Whether diving underwater or skiing through snow, clear vision is essential during any outdoor activity. Count on GEAR AID’s Anti-Fog Spray to keep swim goggles, dive masks, binoculars, and ski goggles fog-free. Previously known as Sea Quick, this spray-on formula prevents annoying fog on all types of eyewear. One quick spray, then buff or rinse. That’s all it takes for long lasting anti-fog protection. Make the most out of each adventure with a clear, properly defogged lenses with Anti-Fog Spray.


Fast Acting– Just spray-on for instant fog-free lenses

Concentrated – A little goes a long way on SCUBA masks and swim goggles

Long Lasting – Enjoy fog-free vision for hours

All Natural – Non-toxic, alcohol-free formula

Multipurpose– Safe for all lenses and optics