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Our hire regulator sets are all either Oceanic or Hollis regulators as we have found them to be the hardest wearing, reliable and versatile. They are sterilised with Steramine after every rental so you can be sure of your hygiene.

Available in the following hose configuration:

Single - Fitted with 60cm HP hose, SPG and bolt snap. 150cm primary regulator hose with bolt snap. 55cm secondary regulator hose with a necklace. 48cm inflator hose. Optional 70cm drysuit inflation hose.

Sidemount - Fitted with 2x 20cm HP hoses and compact SPGs. 2x38cm inflator hoses.1x 210cm primary regulator hose with bolt snap.  1x 100cm secondary regulator hose with 90deg and necklace.

Twinset - Fitted with 1x60cm HP hose, SPG and bolt snap. 1x 210cm primary regulator hose and bolt snap. 1x 55cm secondary regulator hose and necklace. 1x48cm inflator hose. 1x 70cm drysuit inflator hose (optional)

Stage - fitted with 15cm HP hose and SPG bound to the first stage. 1x 100cm regulator hose. 1x 38cm inflator hose.