Hollis F2 Fins

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With our new F2 fins, you can increase your power to weight ratio. Look no further if you're a travelling diver trying to save weight or simply prefer a lighter fin. The revolutionary F2 is designed to boost your efficiency with any sort of kick by adding blade surface on both the downstroke and upstroke. The F2 is made of monoprene and has a shorter blade shape that makes it easy to pack and promotes manoeuvrability in confined spaces. Adjustable stainless steel spring straps are standard.


  • High grade, heavy-duty monoprene construction
  • Angled strap mounts for comfort and a better transition of power
  • Spring heel straps w/ easy-grip heel tab
  • Multiple strap mounting positions for a fine-tuned fit
  • Vented blade to reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade
  • Generous foot pocket with 3 sizes - Small, Regular and XL