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The Hollis Nylon Thigh Pocket provides an excellent alternative to a permanently attached drysuit or wetsuit thigh pocket. It has been specially designed to be easy to attach and easy to remove when not needed. The Hollis Nylon Thigh Pocket can be easily worn over swimming bathers too for the traveling tech diver heading overseas to warmer waters. The really great thing about the Hollis Nylon Thigh Pocket is that it is actually large enough to fit your scuba accessories.

The Hollis Nylon Thigh Pocket is ideal for carrying a spare mask, slates, pocket mask, SMB, and many other pieces of your kit. The Hollis Thigh Pocket has been constructed from heavy-duty 1000 Cordura for long life and provides a great alternative to divers who may not have already have a thigh pocket on their drysuit or wetsuit. Careful consideration has been given to ensure that the Hollis thigh Pouch is easy to attach and remove whilst also being large enough to fit all of your necessary accessories.


The Hollis Thigh Pocket is easy to open thanks to the quick access pull tab which includes a plastic D-ring to make the pocket easy to operate even when wearing thick neoprene dive gloves. The Velcro closure system has been constructed with strong and hard-wearing Velcro to ensure maximum security. In addition, there is also a stainless steel grommet for quick water draining to ensure that the pocket doesn't become waterlogged after your dive. This is a genuine Hollis accessory.