Ocean Hunter Inflatable Float with Line & Flag

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Ocean Hunter Float with Flag -11L lets others know where you are spearfishing or freediving as it acts as a surface marker. It has a torpedo style float which glides effortlessly through the water so it can be easily towed behind you. The float is able to fold flat for storage so it won’t take up much space in the boat either. It can also be used a surface platform for resting before and after a dive.

The float comes in a bright orange colour for high visibility and features three reinforced handholds. It also features 6 D-rings for attaching gear and a 7th for attaching the float line.

Ocean Hunter Float with Flag -11L Features:

  • Fluorescent orange for high visibility
  • Inflatable float can be folded for compact travel
  • Torpedo shaped design to minimise drag
  • Internal bladder offers maximum protection against punctures
  • Alpha blue and white removable dive flag designed for Australian waters
  • Reinforced webbing straps around base of buoy
  • 6 D-Rings for accessories
  • 20 metres of float line with clips at either end