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The RAD Lead weight is manufactured in Australia using brand new soft lead and no recycled material to ensure the strength of the material.  

Dive Weight Size

Dive weights fit all standard 2inch [50mm] wide weight belts, including Marseilles Inox Weight Belt.  

How Much Weight Do I Need?

The amount of weight needed when you dive will depend on many factors, such as:

  • Are you diving in salt water or fresh water? You float more in salt water so need more weight.
  • How thick is your wetsuit? The thicker the suit, the more weight you need.
  • Whats your height and weight? More body fat requires more weight.
  • What type of diving are you doing? Certain sports require different amounts of weight depending on equipment, depth and activity.
The best way to figure out how much weight you need is to wear your dive gear in a pool and gradually add weight until you reach the correct amount. Then bring some extra weights with you for ocean dives to counter the salt water, and place them on the side of the dock/boat and add weight as needed. Dont forget to record the amount of weight that is perfect for you so you know for future dives!


    (Please note: dive weights refers to the industry name for this dive weight, these weights are not a precision item. Weights are cast freehand, so exact weight of each lead will vary slightly.)