Oceanic MantaRay Fins

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The Oceanic Manta Ray Dive Fins are the most recent addition to the Oceanic soft ware collection. With their outstanding features and colours, these really cool looking and light weight fins are a huge hit on the market. This extremely powerful fin has a little upward curve, which means that every kick down when swimming generates the most power, and the manta ray fins will capture and hold more water by maximising propulsion with the curved edges. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that will drastically improve your ability to dive in any type of current. The power is transferred to and from the leg through the huge rubber "X" that rests between the blade and the foot pocket. The Oceanic Manta Ray fins have a stainless steel bungee strap with a rubber finish and exceptionally comfy wide fitting rubber foot compartments. This means you won't have to adjust your fin straps as often because the bungee will keep you in place and provide the optimal fit every time. The soft pad heel strap is not only comfortable, but it also makes it simple to put on and take off thanks to the huge pull handle.


  • Stainless steel bungee straps
  • Adjustable length strap
  • Maximum power blade
  • Soft padded heel strap
  • Great speed and efficiency
  • Jointed blade
  • Techno-polymer blade
  • Wide comfortable foot pocket
  • Medium strength blade
  • Easy on your legs
  • Suitable for diving or snorkeling