Mares Mission 1 Gauge Console

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The Mares Mission 1 Console features an easy-to-read mini-SPG in a protective console with High Pressure Hose.

Mares has always paid special attention and devote's itself to ergonomic design. The material used in the console, is highly shock resistant elastomer to protect the gauges accuracy, and affords a secure grip in every situation with any type of glove.

The Compact SPG has a florescent dial for easy reading in day or night diving situations. The Face of Pressure gauge is colour coded for safe air reserve in a glance.

The Mares Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) has 0 to 360 bar readout with a safety reserve 50 bar colour coded in red to allow the diver to know that they are low on air. The impact-resistant boot has an eyelet for attachment of a clip or lanyard to keep the gauge close at hand and from dragging over the environment.