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You have a Cressi Newton, Drake, Goa or Cartesio watch style computer and it fits around your wrist just fine when you wear your tropical gear on that Somewhere Island vacation, but when you wear a thick 7 mm wetsuit or dry suit, the wrist strap just won't fit around your wrist anymore. This Cress Strap Extender is the answer to your dilemma.

Made from the same high quality rubber and corrosion resistant materials as the Cressi Newton, Drake, Goa and Cartesio computer straps and easily clasps on the buckle end of computers strap increasing it length. The extender has multiple clasp holes to give the perfect fit with any thickness exposure suit.

Cressi Strap Extender for Newton, Drake, Goa and Cartesio Computer Features

  • Designed for Cressi Newton, Drake, Goa and Cartesio computers

  • Extender Increases Length of Computer Wrist Strap

  • Easy to Install on Clasp End of Computer Strap

  • Same Quality Rubber and Corrosion Resistant Materials as Computer Strap

  • Multiple Clasp Holes for Perfect Fit

  • Works with Any Thickness of Exposure Suits