Pathfinder Primary Reel

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The reel is the second most dangerous thing you can take into a cave (after a camera) but unlike cameras, a reel is mandatory to have with you, so be judicious when purchasing a reel, it could mean the difference between many trouble-free and enjoyable cave dives, and some hairy, if not downright dangerous moments.

Pathfinder reels are designed for the demands of deep wrecks and long caves and have a long-standing reputation for excellence in quality and design. Halcyon Pathfinder reels are the result of thousands of hours in recreational, technical, and cave diving environments and have consistently proven their reliability with a unique and trouble-free design.

 One of the main features of the Pathfinder is its machining tolerances, the components sit so close together that the line physically can't fit between the handle and spool, resulting in less jams and safer operation. 

The second feature that sets this reel apart is the replaceable fairlead where the line enters the reel. On cheaper reels, this is Delrin, or non-replaceable. Which means after use, the line wears little grooves into the fairlead resulting in uneven line on the spool, eventually, this will jam the reel. On the Pathfinder, you can replace the fairlead once it wears down.

The Pathfinder reel comes in three sizes, 120m, 240m and 360m. The most common size used by divers is the 120m variant, with larger sizes predominantly used only for specific tasks.