Advanced Buoyancy Diver

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This course is for any diver certified as Open Water Diver or above and isn't just about buoyancy, it approaches buoyancy in a wholistic way, you will learn how each and every piece of equipment and its design affects your trim and buoyancy, then apply it in open water. You will learn a proper sustained hover, picking un, putting down and passing heavy objects between divers, frog kick, helicopter turns and even practice backwards kick. 

All of our instructors are either decompression procedures instructors or at minimum certified at decompression procedures and cave diver levels,  so you can be sure that you'll be taught by an instructor with a wealth of real-world knowledge, not just someone that has done 100 dives and passed and instructor exam. 

Here at Remote Area Dive, we believe the minimum standards are just that, the absolute minimum. So during this course, you'll learn from an instructor that can not only demonstrate good buoyancy when asked but practices it religiously at all times.



- Certified Open water diver

- Completed a diving medical questionnaire



-Theory materials

- an extensive equipment features, selection and adjustment session

- 2 dives including lessons on frog kick, helicopter turns and backwards kick.

- Certification as an SDI Perfect Buoyancy diver (once graduated) 



- Scuba Equipment hire