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The miniature Oceanpro Pony Bottle Gauge is a fully functional submersible pressure gauge rated to 400 BAR. This compact gauge is an accurate and reliable submersible pressure gauge designed to be a stand alone unit which is ideal for tec divers who are looking for simple, light weight solutions. This gauge is ideal for back up air supplies or decompression sling tanks and is the perfect accessory for use with a wireless personal dive computer, allowing you to quickly pressure check your cylinder without linking your receiver unit.

The Oceanic Pony Bottle Gauge is designed to thread directly into any standard first stage high pressure port and comes with the standard 7/16″ – 24 UNF Threaded male fitting. The unit itself is manufactured from triple chrome plated marine grade brass and has a toughened, tempered glass face. This gauge is Nitrox compatible to 100% O2 straight out of the box. Thanks to the large numbers and visually easy to read green yellow and red indicators divers can visually check their air for quick monitoring for pressures up to 400 Bar