Apollo Predator TAC Sheath - Neoprene Upper Arm

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The Ocean Design Predator Knife Neoprene Holster enables you to mount your Ocean Design Predator series knife even more easily on your upper arm or lower leg. It provides extra comfort, and the neoprene holster automatically compensates for wetsuit compression.

The sheath of the Predator knife is mounted into this neoprene holster. The knife still slips into its sheath with Simple Quick Release (SQR) locking mechanism.

Think of this holster as a SQR Mini version of the SQR neoprene holster included with the larger Ocean Design Apollo series knives. It's the neoprene holster that makes the Apollo series knives so popular with spearos, plus scuba, commercial, military, and search and rescue divers. Now you can mount your Predator series knife the same way.

Please note: Neoprene holster only. Knife not included.