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The Cressi Pro Star Mask/Snorkel/Fin set is perfect for anyone looking to update their diving or snorkelling gear and for those just starting, offering quality Cressi products for a low price.

The Cressi Pro Star Full Foot Fins are capable of being both snorkelling and scuba fins, incorporating a lightweight design with reactive and fluid fining blades.

The Matrix Black Mask fits medium to large adult faces, using compact tempered glass in an inverted tear-drop shaped twin-lens design. This mask is designed to provide a wide field of view with a low volume making it an ideal choice for divers and free divers.

The Gamma Snorkel uses a profile splash guard with semi-dry technology to keep water out from any spray picked up by the wind and waves. Includes an elliptical one-way purge valve and a drainage well to ensure dry breathing.