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The Fourth Element Proteus II is a worthy successor to the original Proteus suit. Available in 3 mm thickness for Men, the Proteus II is set to redefine the warmest suit in its class.

Water ingress is minimised by a number of design features. Glide-Skin wrist seals and the now famous hydro-lock inner neck seal combine with watertight seams which are double glued, blind stitched and taped to keep the water out. Thermoflex linings throughout the suit provide excellent comfort and thermal protection. Additional Hex-Core linings on the body core provide enhanced thermal performance where it is most needed for prolonged water exposure.

The 3mm suit is probably the only 3 mm in the world to feature such advanced features, allowing it to perform more like other 5 mm suits with greater flexibility, and less buoyancy. Fourth Element recommends water temperatures of 23°C (73°F) and warmer, but they know of many divers who take it into much cooler waters. To get more out of any wetsuit in colder waters, combine it with a Thermocline vest and shorts underneath and use a hood (3mm or 5mm).

Suit has a back zipper entry with zipper tab leash for easy self-donning and doffing. The Proteus II is available in multiple sizes.

Fourth Element Proteus 2 Mens 3mm Wetsuit Features

  • Proteus II: Worthy Successor to Original Proteus Suit
  • Set to Redefine Warmest Suit In-Its-Class
  • Water Ingress Minimised by Number of Design Features:
    • Glide-Skin Seals at Wrists
    • Hydro-Lock Neck Seal
    • Watertight Seams
    • Thermo-Flex Linings Thru-Out Suit
    • Hex-Core Lining Body Core
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance where Needed Most for Prolonged Exposure
  • Seams: Double Glued, Blind Stitched and Taped
  • Perform Like 5 mm Suits with Greater Flexibility, Less Buoyancy
  • Recommended Water Temperatures: 23°C (73°F) and Warmer
  • Back Zipper Entry with Zipper Tab Pull Leash
  • Easy Self-Donning and Doffing
  • Colour: Black
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

Fourth Element Proteus II Wetsuit Mens Size Chart

Sizes available: XS Short, XS, S Short, S, S Tall, M Short, M, M Tall, L Short, L, L Tall, XL Short, XL, XXL Short, XXL, XXXL

Please use the table below as a guide to help select which size ProteusII wetsuit best suits your body type.

Sizes Height Chest Waist Inside Leg*
cm cm cm cm
XS Short 161-169 76-86 58-68 73-77
XS 165-172.5 76-86 58-68 76-80
S Short 165-172.5 86-96 68-78 76-80
S 170-178 86-96 68-78 79-83
S Tall 175.5-183 86-96 68-78 82-86
M Short 170-178 96-106 78-88 79-83
M 175.5-183 96-106 78-88 82-86
M Tall 180.5-188 96-106 78-88 85-89
L Short 175.5-183 106-116 88-98 82-86
L 180.5-188 106-116 88-98 85-89
L Tall 185.5-193 106-116 88-98 88-92
XL Short 180.5-188 116-126 98-108 85-89
XL 185.5-193 116-126 98-108 88-92
XL Tall 190.5-198 116-126 98-108 91-95
XXL Short 185.5-193 126-136 108-118 88-92
XXL 190.5-198 126-136 108-118 91-95
XXXL Short 190.5-198 136-146 118-128 91-95
XXXL 195.5-203 136-146 118-128 94-98

* Inside leg measurements are taken from the crotch to the floor.