Manifold Valve Left or Right

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Manifold valves are used when setting up twinsets or in sidemount configurations using a loop bungee.

Valves can either be left or right-sided, see image for which one you need, as well as being rated to either 232Bar or 300Bar.

We do not advise using 300Bar connections on 232Bar tanks without changing the burst disk. 300Bar valves are no stronger than 232Bar variants, the extra threads allow for yoke adaptors not to work, preventing use with incompatible setups. If you still want 300Bar valves for your 232Bar tanks please let us know so we can swap the burst disks over for you at the time of order. 232Bar burst disks fail around 300Bar so it won't prevent you getting nice full fills.


232Bar valves come with yoke adaptors. No valves come with plugs or isolation bars, both must be ordered separately.