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The Scuba Capsule 5 is a sensory submarine for your Apple iPhone 5, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. It transforms your Apple smartphone into a fully-featured multimedia dive computer and underwater video and photo camera. It features a user-friendly interface with all dive critical information clearly visible on one screen. The multi mode functionality will turn your iPhone into the most versatile underwater device ever created. Designed in Florida. Made in Germany.

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  • Dive Mode: All of the information you need at a glance
  • Light Sensor: Your third eye to confirm, measure and navigate
  • App: Free powerful app to turn your iPhone into a powerful multimedia dive computer

ScubaCapsule: Dive Computer, HUD Camera, Custom Apps

Scuba Capsule Dive Mode Diagram

The seawater resistant Scuba Capsule 5 housing is made from a single block of high-grade, anodised 6061 aluminium — the same material used in aerospace and marine industries, as well as in Apple notebooks. CNC machined with the highest level of precision the housing guarantees the best 100% pressure sealed protection to the extreme depths in the harsh salt water environment. The Gorilla Glass used is scratch-proof, pressure-resistant to depths of 150 m and is 100% anti-reflective. The housing design brings to mind the familiar lines of your Apple product – this is a case that you'll be happy to entrust with your precious phone. Only premium quality materials and sensors are used.

The integrated electronics comprises multiple meteorological elements and processors and has been both designed and engineered for the conditions experienced underwater. This technology and the smartphone it holds are protected by a locking catch made of stainless steel. The back of the housing offers a small porthole for your phone's primary camera, thereby turning your resourceful companion into a fully-featured underwater camera. For accessories, standard industry mounting points are available on the top and bottom of the unit. And the two anodised colours currently available for the Scuba Capsule housing – black and silver – should be to everyone's taste.

The dive modes, such as camera with heads-up display, underwater multimedia, as well as custom apps and add-ons are designed to enhance your scuba diving experience, eliminating the need to carry multiple different devices.

ScubaCapsule 5 Features

  • 150M / 500ft depth rating
  • Intuitive touch sensor controls
  • Air, Nitrox, and Trimix dive computer
  • Multiple deco algorithms
  • All-in-one screen design with Head's-Up-Display in camera mode
  • Optional Air-integration (supports Suunto transmitters)
  • Music and video player
  • Dive site maps
  • Depth profile saved on photos and videos
  • Comprehensive Dive Log
  • Repetitive Dive Planner (multi-level, and multi-gas tool)
  • Nitrox Calculator
  • Variety of apps and add-ons

ScubaCapsule 5 Specifications

  • Compatibility: iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
  • Height: 166 mm
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Thickness: 22 mm
  • Weight: 550 g (1.2 lb)
  • Connectivity: Lightening Connector
  • Depth rating: 150 metres (500 ft)
  • Panel: Scratch resistant Gorilla glass on the front and back of the device.
  • Housing: 6061 Aluminium
  • Depth sensor: Keller 30-Bar with stainless steel membrane
  • Temperature sensor: Operating temperature: 0-70C (32-120F)
  • Tilt / gyro sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer sensors
  • Infrared touch sensor with ambient light sensor
  • Two tripod and accessory mounts on top and bottom - standard thread 1/4" UNC-20
  • Battery life: Battery power consumption estimated to 10% per hour during normal use underwater.
  • User friendly punch and touch controls
  • User-replaceable bumper frame inserts - compensate for size differences between Apple devices
  • Top hatch designed with the smallest circumference possible, sealed with two O-rings and secured with stainless steel latch and safety push-pin.
  • Finish: Highest quality surface finish - CNC milled and deeply anodised aluminium. Laser engraving.
  • Wi-Fi: LF radio antenna embedded inside the housing.
  • Optional Air-integration using Suunto Scuba Capsule transmitter

What's included:

  • Scuba Capsule 5 device
  • Fitting frames for: iPhone 5, 5C, 5S
  • Depth rating certificate: 150M / 500ft
  • Quick start guide

The Free ScubaCapsule App

Scuba Capsule App Overview

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