Mares Sea Pals Junior Set

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Product Description

The Mares / Head Sea Pals Octopus Junior Snorkelling Set comes with barefoot open heel Fins, Seahorse Mask, and Seahorse Snorkel that all fit compactly in the playful novelty Octopus character Backpack. Your kids will love swimming and snorkelling with this fun Sea Pals Junior Set!

The playful Sea Pals Octopus Backpack packs some serious character, sporting the features of a sea turtle as well as all the practical features you want in a snorkelling bag. This includes a water sealing closure roll up and clip top, a vented bottom, water-resistant material and the mesh padding on the adjustable shoulder straps. Kids will be excited to carry all their very own gear everywhere they go.

The barefoot, open heel Sea Pals Junior Fins are great for swimming and snorkelling. They feature a soft and comfortable foot-pocket with a quick-release buckle system for easy removal and replacement. They are easily adjusted to suit your preference and are perfect for beginners. The fins are coloured purple and black.

This set also includes a single lens Seahorse Junior Mask with quick-release strap buckles for easy donning/doffing. The mask fits smaller faces, making him or her comfy all day! Mask is coloured purple with green highlights.

The compact dry top Seahorse Junior Snorkel with easy-clear purge has a child-sized mouthpiece. Sliter mouthpiece offers a comfortable fit that's easy to swim with. Snorkel is coloured purple with green highlights.

Mares Sea Pals Octopus Youth / Kid Snorkelling Set Features

  • Junior/youth sized snorkelling set with Mask, Snorkel, Fins and carry Bag
  • Mares Sea Pals Octopus Backpack
    • Fun and practical Octopus character backpack
    • Water sealing closure roll up and clip top with a vented bottom
    • Mesh padding on the adjustable shoulder straps
  • Mares Sea Pals Junior Fins
    • Adjustable green and black coloured open heel fins
    • Soft and comfortable barefoot fin pocket
    • Quick-release fin buckle system for easy removal and replacement
    • Great for snorkelling and swimming
  • Mares Seahorse Junior Mask
    • Single-lens mask with a wide field of vision
    • Quick-release mask strap buckles for easy donning/doffing
    • Clear skirt with a purple and green coloured frame
  • Mares Seahorse Junior Snorkel
    • Seahorse snorkel with the child-sized mouthpiece
    • Compact Dry top design guards against splashing, even when submerged
    • Easy exhale for easy purging and clearing of water
    • Coloured purple with green highlights

Mares Aquazone / Head Sea Pals Fin Size

Sizing is in relation to the fins only. The mask and snorkel stay the same.

The Small/Medium fins have a supplier listed shoe/foot size of AU 9-12 (EU 27-31), which is generally good for a child 4 to 6 years old.

The Large/X-Large fins have a supplier listed shoe/foot size of AU 13-4.5 (EU 32-37), which is generally good for a child 6 to 9 years old. However, the mask is of a size such that we would generally not recommend the set of children over 7.5 to 8 years old.

If the child you are buying for is larger in the foot or face for children of their age, please take this into consideration when buying for them.

S/M 9-12 9-13 27-31
L/XL 13-4.5 1-4 32-37


The fins are designed to be worn barefoot by the child, however, if you want a longer time out of them (i.e. two summers in the water) and the child is an S/M size, you could purchase an L/XL size which the child could wear with reef shoes one year, and then barefoot the next year as their foot grows.