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The TDI Sidemount course is designed to introduce a diver to the freedom and flexibility that the configuration can offer. It covers equipment selection, set up and adjustment. The in-water skills teach a budding Sidemount diver how to correctly trim and secure cylinders, stage cylinders and to be able to remove/manipulate them underwater, once you are comfortable in the configuration you begin to learn about balancing gas, regulator switching and emergency drills. The Sidemount diver course opens up a whole new level of access for anyone interested in cave diving as the low profile and flexibility allow you to dive in a passage too tight for conventional back mount configuration.

Why choose us for a sidemount course? All of our instructors are experienced wreck divers and almost exclusively dive in sidemount configuration. We have experience diving most sidemount rigs including with Sidemount rebreathers although we do prefer and recommend the Hollis Katana 2 for its streamlined, clean lines and ease of setup. 

This biggest difference in choosing us is that all of the skills you will learn are specifically designed to be used in a cave environment, all regulator switches are done only with the right hand, as the left hand is holding a light and possibly reel, using this hand gives the possibility of blinding yourself or your team, or even entangling yourself. These are the small difference that we go the extra mile to ensure you have all the best tools in the toolkit to become a capable and proficient sidemount diver.



- Must be certified as an open water diver with at least 25 dives.

- Must have completed at least 10 dives in the last 12 months.

- Must complete a diving medical questionnaire



-Theory materials including online E-Learning

- Comprehensive equipment configuration and dry drills session

- 4 dives including a configuration dive

- Certification as a TDI Sidemount diver (once graduated) 



- Deep diver

- Advanced Nitrox/Decompression Procedures diver



Equipment hire is not included