Hollis Butt Plate

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The Hollis Butt Plate allows users of the Hollis backplate (Aluminium or Stainless Steel) or the HTS 2 harness to properly secure side mount tanks for bailout, deco, or other purposes. The Hollis Butt Plate includes 2 x stainless steel book screws so you can easily secure the Butt Plate to your existing backplate, or for use with the HTS simply thread the waist strap through the upper webbing loops to securely attach.

The Hollis Butt Plate has been designed to be easy to reach and easy to locate under all conditions so even divers with limited flexibility should have absolutely no problems using it. This is the perfect accessory that conveniently attaches to your backplate or side-mount harness system. The Hollis Butt Plate will allow users to properly secure their off-board bailout cylinders, stage cylinders, or side mount tanks and of course their other accessories as well. This is a genuine Hollis accessory.