Cressi Ultra Stretch Boots 5mm

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Cressi's stylish and practical unisex zipperless boots are constructed from 5mm ultra-stretch neoprene. This allows Cressi to discard the zipper giving a firmer, more consistent water seal around the ankles so you're warmer in the water. Reinforcements on the top of the foot and heel are designed for use with open heel fins. The soles have been completely covered in a non-slip material that extends up the sides of the feet and over the toes and heel for effective grip on wet surfaces and protects the feet and neoprene from rough surfaces.  

5mm Zipperless Ultra Boot Features:

  • 5mm Ultrastretch neoprene
  • Zipper-free design for a seamless water seal
  • Reinforcements on the heel for open heel fins
  • Non-slip soles