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The Mares X-vision mask is one of exceptional design, in both a practical and an aesthetic sense. For this mask, the proof is in the pudding, with multiple masks following the classic vision-optimizing tear-drop design of the mask. The shape of the mask and the positioning of the angled tear-drop lenses constructed from dual tempered glass gives the user the widest field of view possible. 

The physical shape of the mask has a couple of advantages. The first is that it offers low drag. The compact design and smooth edges mean less resistance in the water to give you the best possible efficiency underwater. Secondly, the low volume of the mask makes freediving and spearfishing applications perfect. Less equalizing is required and clearing is made a breeze. This is also made easy by the easily accessible nose pocket, which has also been fitted with small ribs to take pressure off the face. 

The quick-adjusting buckles are attached directly to the skirting of the mask. The skirt of the mask uses a double feathered edge rubber, which is also purposed to redistribute pressure using tri-comfort technology, taking pressure off of the face using small ribs between the frame and the skirt. The X-style mask strap spreads the pressure of the mask over the back of the head which also secures the strap into place. 

Mares X-Vision Mask Features:

  • Angled tear-drop dual lenses
  • Tempered glass
  • Low drag
  • Low volume
  • Quick-adjust buckles
  • double-feathered edge skirt
  • tri-comfort technology
  • X style mask strap